Home Seller Resources

  • Listing with a Broker.  Listing with a real estate broker can help you price your house correctly for a fast sale and for the highest price.  Listing starts with a listing  agreement, which is a contract that can last for one year and can even extend beyond that into the "protection period."   Our real estate lawyers will review it before you sign to make sure you understand the terms, commissions and additional fees involved.  The "Exclusive Right To Sell" agreements are the most common.  Feel free to call or email us for a free listing agreement review prior to signing.  Already signed?  Contact us anyway for a quick review.  There is no added cost so why put it off?

  • For Sale By Owner.  If you have a desirable house and are capable of pricing and marketing on your own, FSBO can be a good option.  We can help with the contract and disclosures to get your deal closed for a reasonable flat fee.  Call or email us for a free FSBO packet, which will include the required Illinois disclosures available below for download. 


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Home Buyer Resources

We can assist with some these common home purchasing situations:

  • Buying with a Broker
  • Buying a FSBO with no broker
  • Buying from a landlord
  • Buying from a bank (REO)
  • Renting with an option to purchase
  • Purchasing through a contract for deed

Home inspections can be the biggest hurdle in a home purchase transaction.  Our attorneys have more experience in navigating inspection issues than anyone else by bringing volumes of transactional experience together with new construction knowledge.  See below for some information on mold, which is no longer a mandatory disclosure item in some cases.

Email / Wire Fraud Warning: There is a drastic rise in the number of stolen wire transfers during real estate closings.  Fraudsters hack emails and supply substitute wiring instructions to steal closing money.  This firm never emails wiring instructions, and if you receive wiring instructions for a closing you must CALL the physical title company handling your closing to verbally confirm the wiring information.  If you have any doubts please CALL our firm.


We offer real estate professionals, whether new or experienced, transactional help and legal advice on an as-needed basis.  We also work with managing brokers to be a resource to their agents.  Having partners in the industry is what drives business, and we work with our partners to ensure that we have the most efficient and effective transactions.  Call David Kahn directly at (847) 367-6095 or email him at KahnAndKahn@gmail.com.  No question is too big or too small.  They're why we're here.